Our April Update

Our April Update
April 24, 2016 corniche
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St John's ChurchThe winter is finally at an end albeit it has not been a harsh one and we are all starting to feel better with the longer days. The time when the industry had a shorter winter working day and a longer summer working day has long gone. With the summer approaching we start to consider our summer work load in the education sector and gear up for the holidays when we turn our Education expertise on. We have already secured some projects with Academies with whom we have a repeat working relationship in addition to on-going projects

There was a flurry of activity over Easter with Marc performing miracles on several School projects and the Mayhew Animal Centre’s new Operating Theatres are now open for business. We have started work on another Veterinary project in Surbiton.    Mayhew Animal Home

St Johns in Redhill, once a hole in the ground starts to take shape as the basement gets completed and it rises from the ground. Our Facebook page we update with progress photo’s as well as tweet them for as many projects as we are able, although some projects do not lend themselves to pictures as the camera angles aren’t wide enough.

We will continue to keep you updated on projects and news at Corniche Builders.