A Good Start

A Good Start
February 12, 2016 corniche
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Mike Smith2016 has started well for Corniche with a new staff initiative to promote and improve Health & Safety Standards on our sites. Audits are being carried out as if the HSE were doing them and we are rewarding the whole site rather than just the Manager/Supervisor. The ethos that everyone is responsible for Health, Safety and Welfare of the whole site is being promoted.

We also see ourselves on new ground with our first £2.0m contract on site and our largest value negotiated project too. Both awards are based on the integrity and reputation of the firm as well as our client relationship.

The coming year sees a challenge in that we will be re-applying for our Investors in People Award which is currently at bronze level which is where we want to maintain it but have every confidence we will be asked to go further in terms of criteria – we may not make the Silver but a solid Bronze will suffice.

The new and improved website plus our Facebook and Twitter feeds will provide details of our projects in progress.